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Our Coffee

We at F&O take great pride in our coffee selection, and the quality of the coffee we serve.


The coffee beans we serve at F&O are hand roasted to order by our artisan roasters Dear Green Coffee Roastery in Glasgow. Often the cup you are drinking was a green bean only a few days before, this guarantees freshness of flavour, and a smoothness on the palate.


Dear Green produce consistently delicious coffees using grade A speciality beans ethically sourced from small family run farms based in South and Central America, many of which also act as wildlife sanctuaries and utilise a Direct Trade policy, ensuring a high level of quality, consistency and sustainability.


Dear Green take great care in sourcing, cupping and roasting our beans. It is this dedication to care that means our coffees are consistently of the highest quaility.


We also stock a selection of coffee roasted by Dear Green in small retail packets (250g). A journey to some of the best coffee nations, with coffee sourced from Brazil, and Columbia. You can select from either whole beans, or ground.


Our Houseblend is Dear Greens "Goosedubbs", which produce a full and rounded espresso with a caramel sweetness, rich cocoa notes, and a balanced red fruit acidity. The boldness marries well with perfectly micro-foamed milk to carry the full flavoured espresso onto the palate. 

The name links directly to Glasgow, Goosedubbs, is named after the ancient city centre lane near to our old roastery opposite the Briggait. The origin of the lane dates back to the early 1700s where the Provost of the city, John Aird's mansion used to stand. During his time there, the Provost kept geese who regularly paddled in the puddles (or dubbs') in the lane behind the mansion - not that this has anything to do with the coffee itself, however!


In addition to Dear Green, we also host guest roasters.

A regular guest roaster is Glen Lyon Roasters, from Aberfeldy, who create rich complex flavours.

Part of our envirnmental push is to reduce our waste footprint, we stock Keep Cups for customers to purchase, which gives repeat visitors a discount on all future purchases.

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Dear Green
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